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HouseMon – about the ‘default’ decoder circuit

In this post, I’ll cover the anatomy of the ‘default’ decoder circuit provided with the current build of HouseMon. After we are done, you should have a reasonable understanding of its current capabilities and function. I’ll also allude to some


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Your use of HouseMon 0.9+

HouseMon 0.9.x is still evolving, but is already cross platform enough to support the basics across the most widely use operating systems. It is very important for any future work, to determine where we should donate our free time. An

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HouseMon Circuits Tutorial-1.11

We have touched upon ‘tagged’ messages in an earlier tutorial. In this tutorial, we will expand our coverage of ‘tagged’ messages. We will be using 2 new gadgets, ‘EnvVar’ and ‘AddTag’. Other than the two new gadgets, we are back

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HouseMon Circuits Tutorial-1.10

In circuit tutorial 09 we ended up with 2 duplicate sets of messages. One set of messages was specifically sent to ‘nowhere land’ which left us again with one set of messages to deal with. We chose to keep them

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HouseMon Circuits Tutorial-1.06

In this circuit tutorial we are going to look at the concepts of delays. If you ever used jeenodes or arduino’s (if your reading this then I am sure you have) you will have wanted to flash an LED. There

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HouseMon Circuits Tutorial-1.05

Lets continue extending our ‘ReadFileText’ based circuit. Change to your housemon folder. Now display the circuit tutorial information: Please select circuit 5: So – lets take a look at what is new in this circuit. Nothing much 😦 , we

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HouseMon 0.9.x on Windows (Binary Installation)

In a previous post I covered a binary installation of HouseMon 0.9.x on Linux. In this post we will do a similar installation, but for Microsoft Windows. I will be installing on Windows 7 64bit (Actually inside a Virtual Machine)

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