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Vanilla 0.9.0 Gadgets

This post is a temporary ‘home’ for a basic Gadget index, that will eventually make its way to the HouseMon Wiki. It currently lists the Gadgets / Composite Gadgets (circuits) present within the HouseMon vanilla binary, which at time of

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All about ‘Circuits’ (as understood by HouseMon)

“What else can we do with HouseMon….” That is how I left the last post – we will pick up at that point. Many applications do the thing they are designed to do right out of the box, without much

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HouseMon 0.9.x on Linux (Binary Installation)

In this post, I will cover installing HouseMon 0.9.x on a Debian Linux based distribution. This tutorial should be good for Debian PC Linux installs as well as the platforms detailed below * Intel 32bit (Debian) * Intel 64bit (Debian)

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