Where do I start…

My name is Andy :-

I have not written a public blog before (Today 2014/04/28 is the beginning).

I thought a blog would help me  to reorganize specific information that I would like to share, and allow others to benefit from my experiences. If I can locate/cite the original materials I used, it may also help to de-clutter my computers.

I like reading and learning, I also like to build things. I might classify myself as a ‘Maker’, others perhaps would not. I dabble in Woodworking, Amateur Electronics, Computer Programming, Photography, D.I.Y and Art of various kinds !

Whilst I am not in any way an eco-warrior, I would like to think that I am concious of my environment and the waste that we produce throughout our lives, I do smile when I find a way to save either energy, time or money – on rare occasions all three!

— lightbulb

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